Stepped Wedge & Gauge

Industry: Construction Supply

Market: Nationwide (Canada)

The Stepped Wedge & Gauge™ helps pipe fitters and welders get an accurate gap and a faster, higher quality fit-up. It can be used  for all vertical and horizontal scenarios including pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting and fitting to fitting connections, in fact for every fit-up imaginable.

They contracted DOMINION to help develop and execute a plan to expand their Canadian market share. DOMINION developed a strategy to expand their product distributors.


  • Crafting a well written telephone script
  • Drafting training document
  • Introduction to potential distributors by phone
  • Gathering key contact information of potential distributors
  • Seeking permission to have a Point of Sale (POS) display unit and product shipped to the distributor’s location(s)


Running any business is a significant challenge, especially for an early stage company. I must wear a lot of hats during a day. To anybody facing similar challenges, I highly recommend DOMINION. They took the time to learn my business, provided sound council throughout the process, and that continues today. The results surpassed my expectations; we have exceeded the number of distributors we had projected for the campaign. We are in discussions to launch a larger program that will include Europe and Australia.

Jamieson Byrt, Inventor & Business Owner

At some point, all new or early-stage companies require capital, whether it is to get off the ground or to fund expansion to the next level. How you raise this capital is the single most important decision you can make for your company.
Lead generation. Two words that are usually said with a sense of urgency. When clients come to us for a lead generation program, they’re usually motivated by external pressures that have exposed an underlying sales issue.
A good brand lives in all aspects of an organization: from design to manufacturing, from sales and marketing to customer service. A good brand inspires trust, both inside and outside the organization.
Tradition tells you that you should have a formal business plan – an intricate roadmap that lays out your journey for the next 3-5 years, the timeframe in which most investors want to recover their investment and start seeing a return.