Regenesis Inc.

Industry: Green Energy

Market: Worldwide

Regenesis is a start-up company that has developed a patented, pre-market technology for recapturing waste air from commercial HVAC/refrigeration systems. The challenge for Regenesis was that their patent required further engineering development and data collection to be commercially viable. The company also needed to raise another round of funding to continue development of the concept, but had no collateral.


  • Researched and negotiated a partnership with the prestigious University of Arizona Engineering and Design Program
  • Researched available funding mechanisms, including government grants
  • Prepared a funding presentation (which helped Regenesis secure funding)
  • Created marketing and promotion collateral
  • Provide ongoing strategic consultation
  • Delivered presentation for communicating with existing investors
  • Corporate Video


As an inventor, I needed help in determining the best strategic direction to commercialize the Regenesis technology and to raise funds beyond friends, family and angel investors. DOMINION has been invaluable in providing the experience and support in building a roadmap for both that made perfect sense. Their communication is excellent and their insights into areas like financing options and overall strategy have been irreplaceable.

Perry Martens, Founder & CEO

At some point, all new or early-stage companies require capital, whether it is to get off the ground or to fund expansion to the next level. How you raise this capital is the single most important decision you can make for your company.
Lead generation. Two words that are usually said with a sense of urgency. When clients come to us for a lead generation program, they’re usually motivated by external pressures that have exposed an underlying sales issue.
A good brand lives in all aspects of an organization: from design to manufacturing, from sales and marketing to customer service. A good brand inspires trust, both inside and outside the organization.
Tradition tells you that you should have a formal business plan – an intricate roadmap that lays out your journey for the next 3-5 years, the timeframe in which most investors want to recover their investment and start seeing a return.