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Branding / Collateral / Strategy / Lead Generation
RegIQ Solutions

RegIQ Solutions is a new SaaS start-up that has developed a software platform to help medical device companies negotiate the complex regulatory environment when bringing their products to market.

Web Design / Copywriting / Coding
Westgate Technology Corp.

Westgate Technology Corporation is a consulting company that provides custom software and product development solutions.

Activation / Marketing / Consulting
Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services (CBS) manages the national supply of blood, blood products and stem cells, and related services for all the provinces and territories (excluding Quebec).

Branding / Collateral / Strategy / Website
Versatile Building Maintenance

Versatile Building Maintenance removes the stress of managing commercial and residential properties by providing a range of maintenance services.

Branding / UI design

CyberWerkx is a state-of-the-art research and development company focused on building cybersecurity products for education, skill enhancement, and certification.

Fundraising / Collateral / Marketing / Strategy
Regenesis Inc.

Regenesis is a start-up company that has developed a patented, pre-market technology for recapturing waste air from commercial HVAC/refrigeration systems.

Strategy / Branding / Messaging / Collateral
Safety Evolution

Safety Evolution addresses these time-consuming tasks so operators can focus on running the business and generating revenue with a cost effective, simple and intuitive software platform.

Revenue Generation
Stepped Wedge & Gauge

The Stepped Wedge & Gauge™ helps pipe fitters and welders get an accurate gap and a faster, higher quality fit-up. It can be used for all vertical and horizontal scenarios including pipe to pipe, pipe to fitting and fitting to fitting connections, in fact for every fit-up imaginable.

Product Introduction
Peerless Engineering

Peerless Engineering is a well-established firm known for providing innovative motion control solutions to a wide variety of industries since 1947.

A showcase of innovative design solutions, from sleek corporate branding to captivating user interfaces. Our diverse projects reflect a seamless blend of creativity, precision, and strategic thinking. Envision the impact our work can have on your brand.
Lead generation. Two words that are usually said with a sense of urgency. When clients come to us for a lead generation program, they’re usually motivated by external pressures that have exposed an underlying sales issue.
A good brand lives in all aspects of an organization: from design to manufacturing, from sales and marketing to customer service. A good brand inspires trust, both inside and outside the organization.
Tradition tells you that you should have a formal business plan – an intricate roadmap that lays out your journey for the next 3-5 years, the timeframe in which most investors want to recover their investment and start seeing a return.